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The best VR cafe-arcade-cinema in town.

Contact us today to secure a group booking or simply visit our Collingwood location and let us know which experience you would like to try!

Opening from noon til midnight Mon – Fri and 10am til Midnight Saturday and 10am til 8pm Sunday

Samsung Gear VR

Are you wondering what exactly is Virtual Reality?

Or are you a seasoned VR pro?

Either way, come along and experience this amazing technology and grab some snacks, enjoy some super cheap Popcorn and most of all, have a great time!

There are three experiences we offer; Book a time for one, two, or all three types

Ticket 1 – Virtual Reality Cinema. We have heaps of Samsung Gear VR headsets and you will be treated to some short VR films and videos in glorious 360 degree immersive awesomeness!

Experience time 30 mins. PRICE ONLY $15

HTC Vive Ticket 2- HTC Vive. Put on the headset, pick up the controllers that are plain to see in the virtual world and take a walk around. Look behind things, recoil from monsters, dodge laser beams. Truly the most amazing experience available. We have 4 x Vives on the go at once so we can handle the crowds.

Experience time 30 mins, this duration can be shared between two people. PRICE ONLY $35

GT Ultimate motion simulator chairTicket 3- Oculus Rift. Combine the Rift with the the simulator chair, and lose yourself. Drive a racecar and feel the bumps and turns, try to stay on the track!

Experience time 15 mins. PRICE ONLY $20!!!

Oculus RiftCome along and see the future, TODAY…


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